Welcome to my Blog site

This is my first attempt at setting up a Travel Blog.  To navigate, simply click on the “trips we have taken” at the top of the page. Eventually we will add “trips we have scheduled” and trips we would like to take.  But for now….I am just trying to get content up of trips we have taken.

My intention of setting up my blog site is to get people excited about traveling and to use my site as a resource for places that they may want to go and then hopefully to book trips that they are interested in through my travel agency.  If you are interested in booking a trip, feel free to reach out to me via email at Andrew.reese@cruiseplanners.com or on my office number at 872-205-9576.

I am going to try to keep the site very simple with blog posts about places we have been, places that we would like to go, and eventually with an interactive area where people can discuss the content, and make their own recommendations for places that are being discussed.  My hope is that I will be able to turn the blog into an interactive site, where people can exchange experiences, recommendations, and information related to traveling.

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